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Dredging Services

Aquatic Dredging:

Aquatic Dredging presents a wide range of interesting challenges not found in normal excavation projects.  Permitting can be time consuming and expensive.  Access can be difficult.  Lake-bottom terrain is typically an unknown factor and can stall projects unless careful planning is implemented.  Removing, hauling, and placing sediment efficiently is challenging.  Environmental issues, such as run-offs and shoreline stabilization must be addressed.

Dredging Techniques:

A variety of techniques can be used, including pump / auger, dragline and track-hoe dredging. Each has its place in particular situations.

Pump / Auger Dredging:

This technique involves a floating barge with a large pump and submerged auger similar to two rotary lawn-mower blades. These auger blades stir up the bottom and the on-board pump sucks the material into a piping system which carries the spoil to the shore. The spoil material must be contained in an area to dry and be later removed. Auger dredging works best when the lake-bottom is very sandy, without rock or debris, as this material will clog the dredge. Such dredging is comparatively slow, but can be useful in situations where the body of water cannot be lowered or drained and the bottom is virtually pure sand.

Dragline Dredging:

This technique is best implemented in situations where access is limited and/or the body of water cannot be lowered. Detail work is difficult with dragline equipment.

Track-Excavator Dredging:

This technique provides the most flexible and efficient approach for most projects in the Southeast. Long-reach track-excavators (or track-hoes) specially outfitted with enlarged buckets and extended booms offer precise control, high capacity and up to a 60' reach. When positioned on specially-designed track-mats, these excavators can easily work on the bottom of an otherwise inaccessible lake-bottom without sinking into mud or silt. McEachern Site Services exclusively uses these fast, efficient (yet surprisingly quiet) customized track-excavators.



Hauling material in a soft environment is a major challenge in aquatic dredging. Even large balloon-tired dump trucks can easily mire in the soft bottoms of Southeastern lakes and ponds. Weight distribution is the key to success in aquatic dredging. By implementing truck-mats and specially designed, rubber track-equipped dump trucks, McEachern Site Services provides a unique and highly efficient solution to spoils hauling.


Before you begin any Project, give us a call. Our experts have more than 40-years of experience and are pleased to make their knowledge available. A hour or so of consultation can result in savings totaling thousands of dollars and months of aggravation. An initial consultation is available at no charge.

Lake Dredging:

McEachern Site Services specializes in commercial and residential lake dredging. Whether you need a single cove or an entire lake cleaned out, our team of experts are here to help. Our track and truck mats, allow us access without destroying shoreline and property vegetation. Our long-reach track-excavators can work from the shore or lake-bottom. Our rubber-track dump trucks are ideal for hauling inter-project material across challenging terrain. We also provide siphoning / pumping services, spillway / drain-pipe repair, catch basin creation and erosion / shoreline wall installation.

Detention / Retention Pond Dredging & Maintenance:

Commercial detention & retention pond maintenance is an ongoing challenge. Our long-reach, large-bucket track-excavators are ideal tools for these tasks. We can quickly, precisely, and efficiently remove large quantities of siltation and provide for disposal. Stream Dredging: Given proper permitting, we can easily access streams for maintenance via shoreline or stream-bed. We also install erosion walls and catch basins to help prevent continued erosion.

Bush Hogging & Lake/Land Improvements:

We have Bush hog on Skid Steer with "Rubber Tracks". This makes for good flotation in wetlands and swampy areas. Also good for cleaning up around lakes and ponds. We will cut site paths for hunters, surveyors or anyone who just wants a clear line of site. We will clean and cut your property anyway you like. Those over grown woods and brush can be cut and cleaned head high for that clean look, we can cut trees, limbs and brush up to 6 inches in diameter with our mower and just mulch them away so this means nothing to haul away or pile up. We also have a tractor with bush hog for the simple stuff.

Divers Services:

We have available Diving Services for underwater exploration, survey, and repair work. 




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